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Digital transformation is not only taking place in organizations and across industries—it is truly a global phenomenon with global challenges. To overcome them, it takes a global community of IT and engineering specialists. With locations and consultants across 19 countries and four continents, Modis is that community. We are also backed by the scale and scope of The Adecco Group, the world’s leading HR solutions provider across 60 countries—wherever you need us, we are there.

In addition to our global talent pool, we have a vast network of local market experts who collaborate effectively with small, medium and large enterprises every single day to deliver innovative, specialized solutions at every level.

  • Tech Consulting 
  • Tech Talent Solutions
  • Tech Academy

Wherever you are, or wherever you want to be, we can connect you to the skills, services and solutions you need to outperform your challenges and power transformation.


Our consultants are carefully selected from our global talent pool to enable you to work smarter and help your project run more efficiently. We ensure they are equipped with the expertise and competencies necessary to provide the ideal solution for your projects and challenges. 

Project Services

We assemble a team of consultants with multidisciplinary skills tailored to your specific project to serve either in a more traditional consulting role or work as a fully integrated part of your business.

Our services are managed through SLAs and KPIs to ensure the highest degree of excellence throughout your project.

Managed Services

In a managed services engagement, we assume responsibility for managing specific tasks associated with your project at a fixed price with a guaranteed outcome. This ranges from large and highly complex work packages to smaller, lower-complexity packages where we take responsibility for completing all components on time, within budget, and up to your high standards for performance and quality.

Outsourced Solutions 

We take full responsibility for delivering your service or solution on time, within budget, and at the highest level of quality, using our tools, methodologies and resources tailored to your requirements.

Depending on your project type and size, our services can be delivered through our global network of Technical Delivery Centers—onshore and nearshore locations with a multidisciplinary group of consultants—and our Centers of Excellence—locations that house consultants with one highly specialized skill set.

Tech Academy

At Tech Academy, our goal is to help close the skills gap, to empower individuals to thrive as a team, and to ultimately enable innovation and transformation for our clients. We start by selecting the right consultants and assessing their level of expertise on the most in-demand skills. Our Tech Academy graduates can be onboarded as Modis consultants, fully prepared to deliver the knowledge and solutions necessary to ensure your projects outperform expectations.

At times, we also connect with our sister brand, General Assembly—a pioneer in education and career transformation—to develop a specific curriculum for specific skills.

Tech Talent Solutions

The global scale and scope of our tech talent solutions service, our extensive network of specialists, and our combination of technical expertise and industry knowledge allow us to connect you to the smartest IT, digital and engineering talent—at all levels—wherever and whenever it is needed.

This enables you to achieve greater workforce flexibility and agility by ramping up and down as necessary.