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Your business operates in a world that will change as much in the next 10 years as it has in the past 100. It’s not enough to simply cope with change and go with the flow; you need to adapt and prepare for the next digital revolution today.

We connect some of the greatest technical minds in the world with forward-thinking businesses looking to transform, outperform and innovate in these industries:

Financial Services & Insurance
Competition in financial services and insurance increasingly revolves around improving user experience, as well as carefully ensuring corporate compliance and the provision of more efficient, digitally driven services. Our capabilities range from providing you with individual consultants and teams of experts delivering a business outcome, to outsourced services that take on entire business functions.

Government agencies are forming smarter connections with the citizens they serve and becoming efficient via automated processes, AI, smart city planning, effective communication channels, and increased use of Big Data. We support these forward-thinking efforts by connecting our government clients with IT and tech specialists, as well as large-scale consulting services.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
The reduction in global poverty and increase in average life expectancy is challenging the global healthcare industry to innovate. New digitization methods are changing the way health information is accessed, and patients are diagnosed and treated, while also feeding into large-scale research. Our capabilities range from pharmaceutical research to diagnosis and CRO.

Hospitality & Entertainment
Fueled by digital innovation, the ways in which hospitality and entertainment companies engage with customers continues to change quickly and significantly. Needs that were once fulfilled in person or over time, now can be met virtually and instantly. We help you connect with specialists to outperform your company’s—and your customer’s—rising expectations.

The automation of the factory floor and the increasing sophistication of data capabilities are driving the future of manufacturing to automation and smart factories. Whether it's using increasingly sophisticated robots to assist human functions or taking advantage of the incredible rise of Big Data and AI to automate the supply chain, we can supply the minds to make it work.

Tech has completely reshaped the brick-and-mortar retail industry, and even the ways we buy and sell goods online. We have the capabilities to help bring greater efficiency to everything from your supply chain to your back-office operations. Look to us for help with your projects and longer-term staffing needs.

Technology companies are often considered the most innovative, the most disruptive, the most agile and the most efficient. Whether your focus is developing next-level AI applications, optimizing and securing Big Data, or anything in between, we can help you find the IT and engineering specialists you need—locally and globally—to staff your team or complete your projects quickly and cost-effectively.

New communication paradigms are hitting the industry. The vast majority of internet connections in China are mobile-based, 5G is rising to prominence and new cross-ocean optical cables are being laid to ensure the Internet can cope with increased demand. If you're concerned about project management, infrastructure and security as well as network architecture, then our services can ensure you continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Although automation continues to bring greater efficiencies to the automotive industry, the next wave of innovations will still be very much powered by human connections. Look to us to provide you with the smartest specialists and managed services to improve, develop and implement the technology that keeps you compliant, productive, on time, under budget and ahead of the competition.

Keeping customers constantly connected while keeping costs down is a major challenge for today’s companies—not to mention keeping up with government regulations and environmental responsibilities. Connect with us to access the smartest IT and engineering specialists, as well as the services you need to keep your team agile, your company compliant and your systems performing at their peak.

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